The adventure begins...

In early February this year, I had knee surgery to repair something I tore that is apparently necessary to ones knee doing knee-like things. I was sent home with a pair of ergonomic crutches and a giant bottle of hydrocodone. After my preoccupation with eating pancakes (I'd been fasting pre-op) and anesthesia haze wore off and the pain set in, I popped one of those little suckers and hoped to drift off to sleep. Instead, I got super nauseous and dizzy and experienced a wide array of gnarly symptoms that made mild knee pain seem like a cake walk (mmm cake). The solution from the medical community? Give that girl MOAR drugs. Only these drugs will counteract the effects of the other drugs and come with a whole host of other side effects. No thanks. I'm a bit of a hippie San Franciscan. I'm not embarrassed to admit I choose the organic, all-natural, cage-free, *locally-grown* option whenever I can and that I use apple cider vinegar for pretty much everything that ails me. There has to be a better way, I thought.  That's when it hit me: Maybe I should be a pot head.

No, really.  

Cannabis has come a long way from that little joint passed around in the ditch behind your high school. It's target audience has really broadened. So much so, that the medical community has been conducting studies to demonstrate what many patients have been asserting for years. I always assumed a medical card was just a legal way to get your hands on some weed, but I did some simple searches on Cannabis and pain and found a whole slew of interesting studies from all over the world demonstrating how effective it is for those who are suffering. A double-blind study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (2010) showed that a single inhalation of cannabis 3x daily for five days reduced the intensity of pain and improved sleep. Another controlled study, conducted by the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease in the UK (2005), showed "a significant analgesic effect"  and "disease activity was significantly suppressed" following treatment. And the Northern California VA + UCDavis (2013) found that Low-dose vaporized cannabis significantly improves neuropathic pain. Turns out, Cannabis has been shown to help with Parkinson's, IBS, Arthritis, Chronic pain, and a whole host of things.

I also found this awesome site, Leafly which offers advice on which strains are best for your specific condition and where to purchase particular products.

Looking at the sites and studies above it became more and more clear that I could be using something far more safe and natural than my prescribed medication. Plus, there are hundreds of other ailments cannabis can aid with from anxiety to migraines. 

There's only one problem, I hate smoking. I had this thing as a kid called a Double-Pneumothorax, which I used to think was caused by some kind of tree because it sounded like the lorax. It's a fancy way of saying your lungs collapsed and filling them with smoke or scuba diving is probably not a good choice for you. Apparently this is useful as an adult of drinking age because it means your friends have someone to hold down the table at a bar while they step out for a drag. But it also means when it comes to marijuana usage I'm pretty much a rookie given how it's most often imbibed. 

"...but there are edibles" a sympathetic friend asserted.

I grimaced in fear. My knowledge of edible cannabis thus far had pretty much been limited to the occasional nibble of a truffle from the famous truffle-guy in Dolores Park or watching a friend cower in the corner after too much of a special brownie. But in checking out a couple of local dispensary menus online my eyes were opened. They're putting cannabis in almost EVERYTHING these days, and much of it ::::pause for effect:::: is in dessert. From rice krispie treats to chocolate-covered espresso beans, gluten-free, and even vegan, a whole world of tasty medical goodies is available to you in regulated, specific doses.

Ever the law-abiding nerd, I decided I'd obtain a medical marijuana card and embark on a learning adventure. And so begins my journey through the rapidly-growing (see what I did there?) world of edible cannabis... I hope you'll join me for what should be an informative, if not hilarious, adventure as I experiment with the very best edibles on offer.

The luck of the irish

The luck of the irish